Cat Signs is a four piece band…

conceived in the sandy city of Costa Mesa in Orange County California.

The brain-child of Anthony Braun Perry (formerly of The Growlers) who had a dream of forming a band with his brother Michael Roth and life-long friends Max Royer and Albert Navarro.

Cat Signs is a band born and bred in Southern California with Anthony as lead singer/guitarist, Michael on guitar, Albert on bass and Max on drums.

The roots of the band date back to mid 2000 when Anthony and Albert, still in high school played together in their band at the time called TRMRS. It wasn’t long before they added Max which eventually morphed into Cat Signs with the addition of Anthony’s brother Michael.

Since the time they were groms Anthony and Michael had dreams of one day forming a band but as they got older Anthony’s touring schedule playing in The Growlers, TRMRS and Tomorrows Tulips forced them to put that dream on hold until the right time had come.

With renewed focus Anthony, Michael, Albert and Max went into the studio as Cat Signs and began recording and touring.

Their new album The Fine & Mellow was forged through a year that proved to have many ups and downs which you find reflected in the sound created. A sound, that sonically grabs your ears with pleasant and upbeat melodies while lyrically taking you down a story of heartache and triumph.

Cat Signs debut album is an artistic journey from beginning to end and only the start for a band that will send you into a vibed out live show and musical experience for many years.